Academic Essay Writing  Help For Students

1. You should avoid colloquialism while academic essay writing. The language you use talking with your friends may not fit the language you should use while academic essay writing.
2. Of course, you should not try to use some smart words which you hardly understand. Do not try to include as many terms as possible while academic essay writing. Use plain language.
3. Do remember that you should not use contractions in your paper. Academic essay writing does not need time saving, it requires precision.
4. Academic essay writing presupposes logical presentation of thought, so it is very important to make the paper coherent. Thus, you should use such words as “thus”, “however”, “as a result”, “therefore”, etc.
5. It is also necessary to vary your language while academic essay writing. For instance, if you are writing a response essay you should not use only such phrases as “I think” or “I guess”. There are many such phrases: “to my mind”, “in my opinion”, “I suppose”, etc.
6. You should remember that in some types of academic writing you should avoid first person. In fact, in the majority of cases you will have to use third person.

7. You should also try to be very precise while academic essay writing. You should use only meaningful words. Do not try to reach the word count with some meaningless contemplation; instead you should reveal some more arguments and ideas.